Why bio?

Choose organic wine means choose first of all a goof wine, good for the taste, for the environ- ment and mankind. Thanks to the technology innovation in the vineyards , now it is possible to obtain high quality wines using only natural products during the cultivation.

Why bio? is bio and Italian, because now our viticulture looks forward with an economic, social and environmental viewpoint to let the good traditional wines reaching the worldwide tables with a renovated awareness.

Organic farming is more than just a method; it is also and above all a way of life: it embraces all the elements of the stoic philosophy of living “according to nature and according to virtue, but also according to reason”. Now, after being subjected for years to chemical manipulation, the agricultural world is starting to rediscover the centrality of man in relation to nature,

and the possibility of growing grapes according to good sense and reason, with respect for ourselves and others, bearing in mind that “we do not inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children, and it is our duty to return it to them”.

Marisa Fontana, Wine Maker

The organic certification

The project has two important key words: sustainability and certification, linked to goodness and quality. Only from a good job in the vines we can obtain a good organic wine. The use of organic products only, express in the best way the terroir concept in the wines, enhancing the natural grape characteristics.

The organic certification

The wine are certified according to the Reg. UE 834/2007 and 203/2012 by CCPB and obtained also the organic certification for the Chinese market.